Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

The sunset was gorgeous.  It was the perfect end to our evening at the patch.

4 thoughts on “Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

  1. Bernie Tuffs

    wow it must be so lovely to have places like that around! We really don’t have those here; we just have to get our pumpkins from a big ‘bin’ in the supermarket or even at the farm shops…there’s nowhere to see them actually growing in the field. GREAT for photo ops eh?!!!! x


    1. Mother of 2 and No More Post author

      Hi Bernie! It’s great to see you here! I so love the pumpkin patch. I believe it is the only farm in this state that allows the public to go and pick their own pumpkin(s) on the vine. The pumpkins used to go for miles and miles in all direction but since the economy’s downturn, there’s only a few plots of them now. It is still fun though, esp. for the kiddos. I have yet to try out the corn mazes…maybe someday. I do feel grateful to have something as exciting as this. Yes! I hope to use them for some photo ops. 🙂



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