Last evening, I took Kida with me to Costco to pick up some photos I had printed and we ended up leaving with the Hunger Games Trilogy and a set of books for Kylie.  When we located the trilogy set (it took us a good 10 minutes), Kida screamed so loud, you could almost hear her echos throughout Costco.  She’s been wanting to read them since the beginning of this school year and had been waiting patiently for the first book in her classroom that is currently checked out by a classmate.

Kida loves to read these days.  She’s got books all over the house and always has a couple in her school back pack.  I don’t read to her anymore since she prefers to read on her own, to her sister, and to me.

She has a thing for vampires so vampire books were what got her to really read.  There was a time when she didn’t read very much but once she found a genre she was totally into, she couldn’t stop.

Kylie’s books:  This was the set I bought for her.  She enjoys books about nature and animals.

She also enjoys books about fairies so this variety packet was perfect for her.  She prefers shorter books with illustration so that she could point and talk about it.

One of her very favorites is this book, Flower Fairies Magical Secret Garden.  It’s beautifully illustrated and there’s a lot to read too…and….

…the illustrations pops up!

Another book she enjoys is, Little Rabbit Waits for the Moon.  I got it at an Office Max near us that closed earlier this year.

Since learning her sight words (about 20 words her Kindergarten class is required to learn before the end of the year), she likes to say them when I read her books to her.  There was once when three sight words were together and she was just so excited about it.

There was a time when Kylie wasn’t so into reading (me reading to her) either but thanks to Chick-fil-A with a book in their kids meal bag instead of a toy, Kylie has been one happy girl.  These two books were her favorites.

And, here’s the book she can read easily (and memorize):

I’ve had this book for a couple of years now (or close to).  At one point it was her favorite book.  She started out by listening, then saying a word or two, then reading a few pages on her own, and then eventually reading it all on her own.

She has lots of other books too: Disney princesses, Barbie, and a couple of chapter books.  They too are all over the house (I need a serious bookshelf and reading room!).

If you have any recommendations on books for kids, let me know.  Sometimes I struggle with finding good books for Kylie.

8 thoughts on “Books

  1. Thanks, Tammy! That’s great that you and your kiddos love books too and I’ll have to read The Hunger Games myself, especially now that you’ve mentioned that.


  2. A lovely selection! We love Goodnight Moon too! 😀 Oh Kylie’s doing such a great job reading on her own! Some of our favourites are Farmyard Tales by Usborne, books by Julia Donaldson and my absolute favourites are from Emily Gravett. Simple reading with amazing and beautiful illustrations! Sharon


      1. Hi Lee! I am always on a lookout for good books for my son. I look forward to anymore you come across! I usually have to order from Amazon as we don’t have such a wide selection of English children’s books at our bookstores here. And I was just thinking of you when my son and I were out just now for our evening walk and the moon was so big and bright like Goodnight Moon 😀


      2. Sharon, I will share more soon! You’ve motivated me to blog more about books. That is so sweet that you thought of me. My real name means, “moon” in Hmong. As kids, my oldest sister would get really terrible ear infections and our parents believed it was the evil moon lady who was causing them so when I was born, they named me, “moon” to protect her and it worked. Kind of like getting the flu shot to protect against the flu. Goodnight Moon is so popular…LOL! It’s really wonderful that your son loves it too!


      3. Sharon, if you ever have trouble locating a book, let me know and I will see if I can get it for you. 🙂


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