She Walked Around the Snow

This morning we got a nice surprise.  Snow.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your like/dislike of snow), it all disappeared by afternoon.

Kida used to love walking through the snow.  Even when she was wearing her prettiest shoes, she would still walk through the snow.  This morning, things were different.  I drove her to school, parked in my usual place, walked her to the corner of the street, kissed her off, and watched her cross the street to her school.  Once across the street, I expected her to joyfully run through the snow covered grass kicking what little snow there was all over the place, but instead she paused on the clear-of-snow sidewalk, looked at the snow on the grass, then turned right, and continued walking on the sidewalk to the entrance.  It’s a longer walk on the sidewalk but she was willing to take that chance to avoid getting snow on her shoes.

What happened to the little girl who loved snow?  She is growing way too fast.

5 thoughts on “She Walked Around the Snow

    1. Snow does look pretty and I don’t mind the snow so much. It’s the brown slush the snow becomes that gets to me.


    1. Yes…but it’s all gone now. Wish it had lasted but I’m sure we’ll get many more days like this before real winter hits. You are so right about the little things a mother notices, Sharon! It’s almost as if this is a special ability/gift that’s sacred to motherhood.


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