Book Review Submissions

If you’re interested in having your book(s) reviewed, you’ve come to the right place.

The genres I am MOST interested in are:

  • Sci-fi
  • Fantasy
  • Thrillers
  • Literary Fiction

I am also open to the following genres but understand that I am pickier with these:

  • Nonfiction
  • Children/Middle Grade
  • Romance
  • Erotica

To submit a request, email me with the following information:

  1. Author’s name
  2. Title of Book
  3. Genre
  4. Blurb
  5. Date book was published
  6. Book format (my preference is ebook for Kindle Fire, but I will accept paperback/hardcopy)

Email Subject: Book Review Request

Email to :

Be informed that reviews can take from a few days up to two months depending on my schedule.

Book reviews will be posted on this blog, Amazon, and Goodreads.

Beta Reading Request

If you are interested in a beta read, contact me at the email above with subject: Beta Read Request.

Note that for beta reading there is a fee after the first 5,000 words (so, a short story or flash fiction would be free). I will do a thorough read-through with feedback on plot, character development, world building (if necessary), theme, and conflict.

Credentials: I love reading and I want your book to be a success! I am also a writer with two self-published stories. I have a master’s degree in creative writing with an emphasis in creative nonfiction (memoir) and literary fiction. My strong area is sci-fi and fantasy but I’ve enjoyed other genres just as much.