Peaceful Snow

It began snowing around 7pm last night.  Big wet flakes were blown around by the wind just as we took Kida to her dance class.  This morning the thin blanket of snow was an amazing peaceful scene.

5 thoughts on “Peaceful Snow

  1. Bernie Tuffs

    no!!!!! You’re SO lucky!!! Oh how I’d love us to live somewhere that gets proper snow like that!!!!! Beautiful photos! Doesn’t it make you feel all inspired when the landscape changes so dramatically?!!! xxx


    1. Mother of 2 and No More Post author

      Bernie, Thanks! I try to cherish these moments before they melt away and they do melt way too fast. It does inspire me to do so many new things. 🙂


  2. aleafinspringtime

    And I thought we got snow but you guys are snowed in and out! 😀 Simply breathtaking. Indeed it feels like a new blanket of snow cocoons us all in a blanket of peace…Stay cocooned in peace Lee! Hugs, Sharon



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