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I totally missed iNSD (international scrapbooking day) last weekend. I was able to download one freebie collaboration but that was it! The kit I used for the layout below wasn’t free but I always purchase kits on sale.

The weather has gotten so much nicer and I’m really excited about doing a ton of outdoor stuff. The kids will be out of school soon which means we’ll be spending a lot of time at the pool and parks. A family goal this year is to go fishing and camping. Can you believe I’ve never camped in a tent before? I’ve never had the courage but I think it’s about time.


Credits: photo by husband, kit by Paislee Press at The Lilypad, stitches by Nicole Young at Digital Scrapbook Place, and template by Amy Martin at The Lilypad.

Where Did Summer Go?

My 6-year-old started first grade. It’s been hard for me to grasp this.  It feels like she was just born yesterday.  My 11-year-old will be starting middle school soon.  This will be her first year in middle school.  I don’t want to even think about it yet.

I tried to hold tight onto summer.  In the last few days before my 6-year-old started school I found ways to go to an amusement park and have a picnic up in the mountains. It was fun and kept me from thinking too much about all the changes.




Photos From Pike’s Peak Hike

PP20130615_3PP20130615_2PP20130615_4PP20130615_J1PP20130615_J2PP20130615_J3PP20130615_J4All photos were taken at or above 12,000 feet above sea level.  Photos taken with Galaxy SII.  I won’t be hiking for along time after the incident mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, but I do plan to head back up to Pike’s summit.

A New Path

FWALK0039bw_640Over the weekend, the family went on a walk with our puppy, Teddy.  We normally walk around the block or will drive to a familiar park.  That day, we decided to try a new park with a nice walking/biking path.


FWALK0025_600FWALK0026_600FWALK0028_640FWALK0031_600FWALK0020_600We stopped at the playground for a bit so the girls could use up the rest of their energy.  Kylie loves the swings and had begged me to push her but I was busy taking photos so she wasn’t too happy (photo above).  I did eventually push her.

We took some family shots using the timer.  It took 3 takes to get a decent one.


A Cold Day At Lake Dillon

DILLON0024_640Over the weekend, the family took a drive just north of Silverthorne to Green Mountain Reservoir, but when we got there, it was not what we had expected.  The reservoir was mostly dried up and iced over.  It was a pretty depressing sight.  We then decided to head to Lake Dillon (right next to Silverthorne) so the girls could play at the playground.  It was cold but the sun peeked out long enough for us to stay warm while husband and I took photos and the girls played.

DILLON0029_600DILLON0028_600Captured husband getting a shot of the mountains with his phone. 🙂

DILLON0037_1K{Click image to view larger}

DILLON_KIKY_640This is what they had fun doing. Spinning on these tilted round chairs screaming and giggling.

Awaiting Autumn

The foliage has been losing its freshness through the month of August, and here and there a yellow leaf shows itself like the first gray hair amidst the locks of a beauty who has seen one season too many.” (Oliver Wendell Holmes)