Let It Snow!

It will be snowing for most the day today.  These photos were taken this morning and I made them black and white because I think it looks better.  I’ve also posted many snow photos in the past and wanted to make these a little different.

Mentally, I’m ready for snow.  Physically, I’m not.  I’m still wearing flip-flops, skirts, shorts, and t-shirts.  My girls don’t have winter boots and only my 4-year-old has a winter coat.  I need winter boats myself.  I think this laziness of not gearing up for winter is due to the many years when we didn’t get snow until March.

2 thoughts on “Let It Snow!

  1. The pictures are awesome. According to the weatherman, the Central Valley in California will not get their first frost until December. I’m putting “winter” shopping off because I’m so not ready. I love 80-90 degree weather. I do not do well in the cold.


  2. Thanks! Yeah, nice consistent summer temperatures would be hard to miss. I’m not sure where the Central Valley is but I’ve been to La Jolla a couple of times in the past and loved the warm sun and summer breeze. Our summers are always dry and extremely hot so it’s always a pleasure to have fall and winter.


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