Beautiful Violin Cover of My Heart Will Go On and Someone Like You

My daughter just started the Children’s Christmas Choir this year (she skipped last year’s) and they will be singing “Silent Night” again.  We were talking about how she could eventually play her violin during Christmas mass in the future and I told her I’d find an example of “Silent Night” on youtube for her to listen to.  While searching on youtube, I came across another song that was simply awe.   It is a cover of the song, “My Heart Will Go On” played by an extremely talented and young violinist who goes by JuNCurryAhn on youtube.

I love how he plays with so much emotions.  If only it was the complete song.

AND, his cover of “Someone Like You” is just beyond beautiful.  I also dig how he made himself a twin!!

Without music, what would the heart cry to?

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