In Love With Project Life Kits

An update on my kits.  I couldn’t find the box for the Amber edition so it’s missing from the photo.  The two smaller kits on top were recently purchased this week.  I haven’t opened the Super Cute kit yet but will be using it for my kids toddler years.  The Foil Kit, designed by Heidi Swapp, is so beautiful.  My 7-year-old created a cute card for her substitute teacher, who’s last day is today (her real teacher was on maternity leave), using a journal card and embellishments from this kit.  She ended up using all the diamond shaped embellishments.  She loved them so much.  I had wanted to take a photo of the card but had already sealed it.  The best part of the card was not the journal card and embellishments, unfortunately, although they were pretty awesome.  The best part was her drawing.  She told me, “Tape the photo (of her with her sub-teacher taken last month) up high because I’m going to draw [teacher’s name] and me holding the photo.”

PL011620150021_800Love the shine of the foil.

PL011620150022_8003×4 cards.

PL011620150025_800PL011620150024_8004×6 cards.

PL011620150030_800Embellishments, minus a few pieces.


There are new PL kits coming out in the next few months and I’m really excited to get a hold of them.  This is what happens when you follow PL groups on Facebook.

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