Snow Day (Photos) and Unboxing Video of 3 Notebook Covers

Daughter had a snow day today, which means no school. She’s both excited and bummed. Excited because she can relax and not worry about doing homework, and bummed because she spent an hour yesterday making Crepes for French class and now she’ll have to eat them by herself (and with me of course) or throw them away. She made about 20 crepes.

The snow is soft and light and it’s not that cold out. I went out to take photos in my short LL Bean boots, leggings, and sweater and wasn’t cold at all.

Here’s me crossing the lawn in the deepest part trying to get over to the pine tree.

As I was taking photos, this person comes by on cross country skis just enjoying the wonderful weather and snow.

And I had to share this notebook cover with the snow in the background. The little white sprinkling things is the snow coming down. This is the No. 8 Extra Wide in American Bison hide. The unboxing video below will have a closer look at all the striations and folds. It’s such a pretty leather!

A Quick Hike at Castlewood Canyon State Park

Last Friday, husband’s planned hike to a 14-er didn’t work out, so instead, he and I went to Castlewood Canyon to do a simple hike, something I could handle. It was beautiful with the changing colors of the leaves. Where I’m looking toward in the photo was once a damn built in 1890. The dam broke in 1933 causing a disastrous flood. Now it’s land for homes and pasture for cows. Last time we visited we saw the broken dam, but this time we took a different route, a more scenic route, to appreciate the beauty and peacefulness of the land.


Nostalgic Snack

When I was a kid, Mom would make buttered tortillas for us (seven of us kids) for breakfast then send us on our way to grade school.  It has been a whirlwind raising my own kids.  They are super picky.  The older one doesn’t like tortilla with just butter.  She prefers quesadillas.  I’ve made a quesadilla for her once but I could never get the cheese amount exactly the way she likes it (but I think she likes it thick and gooey).  She didn’t complain but she hasn’t asked me to make it again.  As for my youngest, she doesn’t go near tortillas or cheese.

I like mine plain with butter just the way Mom made it.



In Love With Project Life Kits

An update on my kits.  I couldn’t find the box for the Amber edition so it’s missing from the photo.  The two smaller kits on top were recently purchased this week.  I haven’t opened the Super Cute kit yet but will be using it for my kids toddler years.  The Foil Kit, designed by Heidi Swapp, is so beautiful.  My 7-year-old created a cute card for her substitute teacher, who’s last day is today (her real teacher was on maternity leave), using a journal card and embellishments from this kit.  She ended up using all the diamond shaped embellishments.  She loved them so much.  I had wanted to take a photo of the card but had already sealed it.  The best part of the card was not the journal card and embellishments, unfortunately, although they were pretty awesome.  The best part was her drawing.  She told me, “Tape the photo (of her with her sub-teacher taken last month) up high because I’m going to draw [teacher’s name] and me holding the photo.”

PL011620150021_800Love the shine of the foil.

PL011620150022_8003×4 cards.

PL011620150025_800PL011620150024_8004×6 cards.

PL011620150030_800Embellishments, minus a few pieces.


There are new PL kits coming out in the next few months and I’m really excited to get a hold of them.  This is what happens when you follow PL groups on Facebook.

Pepsi Trade

Yesterday, my sister and her fiance had an engagement party.  It was more of a Hmong “traditional” well-wishing-string-tying-ceremony but it would be considered an engagement in the western world.  I took over 200 photos, and hope to go through all of them soon, but for now there was this one photo that really stood out.  It’s of my daughter with her pouty expression.  She had wanted me to get her a Pepsi from a cooler just outside the door and I asked her to get it herself.  She refused yet begged me to get it for her so I said, “How about we trade?  I get you the Pepsi and you stay there (by the door), so I can get a photo of you?”  Siblings and friends who were listening to us laughed and that got her upset.  She said, “No.  I want the Pepsi,” but when I gave her the Pepsi, she actually stood there for a few seconds for me to take the photo.  I think I see a little smile in that pout.


EXIF: Nikon D90, 50mm, 1/1600 sec, f/1.8, ISO 500, Aperture priority, Matrix Metering, no flash.

Here is the RAW file as is and when I edited in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw).  The photo above was then edited in Photoshop CS6.


The Snowstorm

SNOW0409130014_600That snowstorm we were supposed to get earlier this week came and went without much notice.  There’s not a trace of it anywhere…except for the photo I took of it that morning.  Right now, the sun is shining and it’s gorgeous outside.