In Love With Project Life Kits

An update on my kits.  I couldn’t find the box for the Amber edition so it’s missing from the photo.  The two smaller kits on top were recently purchased this week.  I haven’t opened the Super Cute kit yet but will be using it for my kids toddler years.  The Foil Kit, designed by Heidi Swapp, is so beautiful.  My 7-year-old created a cute card for her substitute teacher, who’s last day is today (her real teacher was on maternity leave), using a journal card and embellishments from this kit.  She ended up using all the diamond shaped embellishments.  She loved them so much.  I had wanted to take a photo of the card but had already sealed it.  The best part of the card was not the journal card and embellishments, unfortunately, although they were pretty awesome.  The best part was her drawing.  She told me, “Tape the photo (of her with her sub-teacher taken last month) up high because I’m going to draw [teacher’s name] and me holding the photo.”

PL011620150021_800Love the shine of the foil.

PL011620150022_8003×4 cards.

PL011620150025_800PL011620150024_8004×6 cards.

PL011620150030_800Embellishments, minus a few pieces.


There are new PL kits coming out in the next few months and I’m really excited to get a hold of them.  This is what happens when you follow PL groups on Facebook.

Project Life Kits

Last week I purchased two Project Life kits from Micheal’s.  I’m planning on using them for my girls’ individual binders.  The left one is the 5th and Frolic Edition and the right one is the Maggie Holmes Edition.

PLKITS0003_800PLKITS0004_800The cards are so pretty.

I have a total of 4 Project Life Editions now: Amber Edition, Heritage Edition, and the two above.  I never thought I’d get this deep into it but there’s no turning back.  Photos will have no choice but be documented…muahaha!

Repost Day by Day – Project Life Week 2 And A Freebie

Original date: 1.21.14

I’ve got three pages for week 2.  The family had a lot going on and I also wanted to devote one page just for my daughter’s dance showcase.

View of the two page:

Right page:

Left page:





For the words, “Our Everyday,” (third photo up) I used the Silhouette to cut it out on paper.  You can see in the photo below how parts of the sheet I used hangs off the with space.  That’s totally okay.  I used pink paper to cut on but then realized that the pink paper wasn’t dark enough so afterward I used a dark ink stamp over the words to get the exact color I wanted.  I was surprised to find that I liked the look it gave.



It’s kind of funny but I like watching this machine cut.  It’s really cool.

My daughter loves the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth.  I read it first and then recommended it to her.  I think she loves it more than I do!  I made this journal card to use in my layout and thought I should share it just in case anyone is a big fan too.


Repost New: Black & White Grid Journal Cards

Original date: 9.03.13

New in my shop:  Black and White Journal Cards in two sizes, 3×4 and 4×6.

3×4 Black & White Grid Journal Cards available here.

4×6 Black & White Grid Journal Cards available here.

These journal cards can be used both digitally and non-digitally.  Below are photos and examples of how I’ve used them.

In the digital layout above I used the kit, Today, along with a 4×6 and 3×4 journal card.

Repost How To Use Digital Journal Cards

Original date: 2.14.13

Do you sometimes wonder what you could do with those digital journal cards that come with the kit you purchased?  I know at first I had a hard time figuring out how to use them and what to use them for.  This was just as I was getting into Project Life where journal cards are a must.  Since I am doing a 52 weeks Project Life, I’m now always in need of journal cards.  I love bright and dark colors so when looking to buy or download freebies, that’s what I look for.  When I design journal cards,  I try to make them as simple and easy to use for both digital and print.  I think it’s a bonus when a kit includes journal cards because it opens up more creativity in documenting life.

Today, I’m going to share a few ways you can use journal cards.

The first is in a digital layout.  There are no right or wrong way to use them.  Here is an example of how I used the journal cards from my kit, Be Mine:

This is a very simple layout and I made it simple because I wanted my photos to be the focus, especially the top right photo.  I also wanted it clean and non-distracting.  I just want eyes to go directly to that photo, yet I want the whole layout to come together to create a soft and happy feel.  I used two journal cards, a 4×6 and a 3×4.  In the 4×6, I inserted the smaller photo and added a word art to create a sort of coziness about it.  I left the 3×4 as it is because it’s perfect how it is.

If you enjoy making and printing digital books you can also use journal cards in them.  Here is a page from my digital book I created through Shutterfly.  The template and journal cards are part of the Digital Project Life but you can add your own journal cards.

The third way you can use digital journal cards is to print them and use them for paper scrapbooking, Project Life, and/or other hybrid projects.

The papers I normally print on are Bazzill cardstock in Coconut (smooth) and Avalanche (textured).  I always buy them on sale at Archiver’s but you can probably get them from Micheal’s, Hobby Lobby, or JoAnn’s.  Note: in the photo directly below, the bottom left journal card is a freebie by Red Ivy Design at Scrap Orchard.


Here is an example of how they can be used in a pocket sleeve (doesn’t necessarily have to be Project Life).  Since I do Project Life, my example is going to be Design D from Becky Higgin’s Project Life pocket sleeves.  Note: below in the top right sleeve is a journal card by Red Ivy Design.

You don’t have to do Project Life to use journal cards (although it does make documenting life so much easier, worthwhile, and seriously fun!) and you don’t have to purchase Project Life pocket sleeves.  I have pocket sleeves from We R Memory Keepers and Echo Park Paper Co. that I use as well.  You also don’t have to use any sleeves.  You can glue, tape, or staple directly onto cardstock or paper scrapbook pages.  My point is, journal cards can be used for just about anything.  They are as creative as you make them.

I hope this was helpful.  If you have further questions, please leave me a comment.

Repost Happy New Year!

Original date: 1.01.13

Hope you had a great new year’s eve.  I always tend to get tired out just before the ball drop but this year, I was overwhelmed with emotions.  I got a bit teary-eyed.  Maybe it’s because things are just moving by too quickly.  I can’t believe it’s really 2013.

So, what have you planned for resolutions this year?  Here is what I had my family do.  We wrote out our resolutions on 4×6 journal cards I made.  I will be putting these in my Project Life binder with photos we took yesterday.

If you’d like to use these journal cards to jot down your resolutions, you can download them below.


Have a wonderful new year!

Repost Friday Freebie: Embrace Dodge and Burn

Original date: 4.20.12

Here is today’s freebie.  This set finishes up my first set of the design classes I’ve been taking at Hummie’s World.  It has been a great experience!  Even though everything is being taught in Photoshop Elements, I’ve been practicing the techniques and designing in Photoshop CS4.  Next week I should be starting on set two.

I am also in the process of working on my next kit to sell in my shop so stay tuned!  You can always follow me by e-mail anytime by typing in your e-mail and submitting on the right.

This set includes: 3 Papers, 3 – 4×6 Journal Cards, and 1 PDF file of the journal cards for easy printing.

I really enjoyed making the journal cards, especially the one with the dog and dog prints.  I don’t have a dog but I think it’s just so adorable!
This weekend, I’m seriously going to catch up on my Project Life.  Both the binders and the digital version on Shutterfly.
Thanks for downloading and enjoy the weekend!

Repost – Friday Freebie: Tabs and Journal Cards

Original date: 3.30.2012

I skipped last weeks Friday Freebie because I had spent time on creating a memorable gift for my aunt and her husband who recently celebrated their 40th anniversary and wasn’t able to get a freebie in.  I am late getting today’s Friday Freebie out but I’m really excited to share what I have.

First, there are these tabs I made using papers and elements from the Embrace kit pieces.


Then, I have these journal cards that can be used for digi-scrapping or can be printed and used for paper scrapping.  I am using them for my Project Life.
I’ve included, in the download, PDF files for both the 3×4 and 4×6 journal cards so that it is easier to print without having to create the files yourself.  Of course, you can always just print the individual cards too.
I’ve just started both Project Life and Digital Project Life and wanted to create my own journal cards to write on.  You can read more about how and why I got started on both on my personal blog: My Project Life & Project Life Digital.
Here are examples of what I’ve done with the 3×4 journal cards and the 4×6 journal cards.
Enjoy and have a great weekend!