The Rest…

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I sure did.  I know I’ve fallen behind with posting my girls’ 24-day-of-Christmas gifts.  Here are the things they received starting from day 4.  To see anything before day 4, just scroll through the blog.

The girls enjoyed the gifts that required putting together like the cards and angels.  They want to do more crafty things.  They also liked their dresses.

4 thoughts on “The Rest…

  1. I really like this idea. I’m thinking I may do it this year for my girls. And I see that you bought your girls either the same or similar gifts. Oh gosh, my daughters are 2 years apart, and what one gets, the other one has to get it too. Do you have that problem?


    1. It was really fun to watch them open each gift, especially when it was something they didn’t like…LOL! My 4-year-old was a lot pickier than my 9-year-old on the gifts and YES, they do have that problem of wanting the same things. I always buy them either the exact things or very similar things.


    1. Thanks. She definitely does not hide her reactions to anything. I thought about wrapping a half eaten sandwich just to see how she would react. LOL! Maybe this year.


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