10 thoughts on “Spring Love

    1. They survived and are standing proud and tall! Except the ones that were cracked by the snow and stepped on (by unknown kids).


  1. Oh, I love the first photo! The red and green against the white snow. Simplicity at its best! And it’s very well composed!


  2. I so love that song! It makes me think of those days when we all used to hang out and take the bus to go to those parties and tournaments. I often listen to this song when I want to thing of those days. Also, I love the piano version! Didn’t know they had it. I think I want to learn it.


    1. You remember those days?! LOL. Glad you brought it up ’cause now I remember it too. They were the best. Yeah, it’s a really nice piano…do learn it! I’d like to hear you play it.


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