Spring Love

“I can remember the first time we ever met.  The sun was shining.  Love was gleaming in the air.  You caught my eye and the next thing that I knew,  I was in love.  I was so in love with you.” ~ Spring Love by Stevie B

A piano rendition:

…this breaks my heart.

10 thoughts on “Spring Love

    1. They survived and are standing proud and tall! Except the ones that were cracked by the snow and stepped on (by unknown kids).


  1. Oh, I love the first photo! The red and green against the white snow. Simplicity at its best! And it’s very well composed!


  2. I so love that song! It makes me think of those days when we all used to hang out and take the bus to go to those parties and tournaments. I often listen to this song when I want to thing of those days. Also, I love the piano version! Didn’t know they had it. I think I want to learn it.


    1. You remember those days?! LOL. Glad you brought it up ’cause now I remember it too. They were the best. Yeah, it’s a really nice piano…do learn it! I’d like to hear you play it.


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