Painting Birdhouses

KILOGPAINT0037_bw640For Mother’s Day, I spent time with my youngest daughter and nephew.  They painted birdhouses as gifts for their mom’s.  My daughter said, “Mom, don’t look until I’m done painting,” and added when she saw me with the camera, “But you can take pictures.” My nephew had so much stuff to carry home that he forgot to take his birdhouse.  He was really excited about giving it to his mom too!

My nephew had spent the night Saturday and all day on Mother’s Day at our house.  He really loves it.  One of the sweetest thing my nephew said out of the blue was, “I feel like this is my house.”  I told him it was his house too but then my daughter said, “It’s not your house.  It’s my house and my mom’s house.”  I reassured him that when he was over, it’s his house too.

2 thoughts on “Painting Birdhouses

  1. This post made me smile Lee…how very sweet for your little nephew to feel so welcomed and comfortable in your home to say that. And how wonderful for the little cousins to play together! I imagine you must have had a super Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day – it is never too late to wish an awesome Mom!! Hugs, Sharon


  2. Thank you, Sharon! Happy Mother’s Day to you too! We had a wonderful time and I loved every moment of it with both my daughter and nephew (they love being with each other!). I think Mother’s Day is overrated though…in the U.S. I feel like on this day, Mother’s expect to be pampered and served by their husbands, kids, and maybe even extended family. I’m always grateful for the extra love but I much prefer to show kids that they are still the important ones.


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