Urban Decay, NYX, Ivanka Trump, AND Teddy

I’m not in any urgent need for more makeup but ended up buying more than I’ll ever wear anyway when I dropped by Ulta to only buy shampoo and conditioner.  Makeup is my weakness.  I should know better than to drop by Ulta with only my 5-year-old who actually helped me pick out the Glinda pallette by Urban Decay (+ I think Michelle Williams is so beautiful and talented).  She said, “Here, get this one.  You have to get it!”  As her mom, I should be saying, “No.” but I easily, said, “Okay,” as if we were best friends shopping.






I haven’t used this palette yet.  I carry the lipstick pencil in my purse for touch-ups.  The NYX eyeshadow and lipstick palette (below) is very nice.  I’ve used it and I think it’ll work great when the family goes on our cruise later this year.  This is the palette I’ll be bringing along.


My Valentine’s Day gift from husband: Ivanka Trump Perfume.  It arrived a few days later.  Husband had to special order it because it wasn’t at Macy’s yet.


Originally, I didn’t want anything but became obsessive with this perfume when I first sniffed a sample in a beauty magazine.  I should stay away from those magazines too.  This perfume is floraly which I wasn’t expecting from Ivanka but I still love it.

Note:  Just thought I’d add that in the magazine sample, it wasn’t as floral.


There will be a time when she won’t be able to do this.  It’s too adorable to not capture. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Urban Decay, NYX, Ivanka Trump, AND Teddy

  1. Dear Lee,
    I wrote you a note in reply to your comment and spent the whole day thinking how inadequate it was in trying to express my innermost thoughts. And so I wrote you again. Hopefully, it even captures what I want to say and how much I think you are a beautiful woman, mother and person. Thank you for keeping me up to date with makeup. I use a chapstick and call it my lipstick 😀 And Teddy melts hearts! Sharon


  2. Hi Sharon, I loved your post! It was not inadequate at all! Thank you for replying to my comment on your post. I kind of felt like I was talking too much about myself there when you were expressing how it felt like to you to grow up that way. But, you have such a wonderful way of sharing your life in a way where I could totally relate and felt like I could open up and share my experience. Thank you again for your wonderful words.


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