Thanksgiving Food and HNY Photos

Enjoy these photos of our Thanksgiving brunch and dinner, and the Hmong New Year festival from last week and the weekend.

{Brunch at FIL’s home}

{The feast at Mom & Dad C’s home}

{My bowl of Vietnamese grilled beef vermicelli salad…so delicious!}

{Sister’s BF carving the turkey}

{An older lady in a beautiful yellow-colored Hmong cultural outfit}

{Young girls chatting after their dance performance}

{This guy is one amazing guitarist!}

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Food and HNY Photos

    1. Mother of 2 and No More Post author

      Thank you. I am feeling much better now. I’m glad you like the photos and thank you for following!


  1. KC

    Sorry your flareups started again. I am glad you are feeling better. Those pictures are great! I missed all that food! I had a nice dinner in DC but I sure missed the hmong food we normally had, especially the hmong salad.



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