Book Review: The Gamma Recruits

Title: The Gamma Recruits
Author: James Pelkmans
Genre: Sci-fi
Year Published: March 22, 2022

Date Started: April 16, 2023
Date finished: April 18, 2023

This is a story about Jayson Reilly and a bunch of other recruits who were sent to a location in Hawaii as test subjects. However, it turns out that that wasn’t the case. Through the process, a few of the recruits formed friendships and relationships.

I wanted to like this story. The idea sounded cool, however, it just didn’t grab me. Mainly because there were so many characters who appeared to be very similar because there wasn’t much depth to them. Initially, it felt like it was from Jayson’s point-of-view, but then it’d go into another character’s head. Also, a lot of dialogue went nowhere. These recruits could never stay on topic. The plot wasn’t strong enough and clean enough. The story seemed to drag a lot.

Who should read this book: It’s a sci-fi, slow moving story with multiple characters. So if this is your thing, it might be for you.

I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway, but the opinion is my own.

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