Book Review: To Dream of Shadows

Title: To Dream of Shadows
Author: Steve N. Lee
Genre: Historical Fiction; War Story; Romance
Year Published: April 16, 2023

Date Started: April 10, 2023
Date finished: April 14, 2023

This is a story about bravery, compassion, and love. Two people, an SS soldier and a Jewish woman transferred to his camp, are put in a tough place and the soldier must make decisions that could put him and everyone he cares about in danger.

This story was wonderfully written. It hooked me from the get-go. I’ve read many holocaust and labor camp stories and this one was right up there with my favorites. The difficulties the Jewish people dealt with during this period was horrendous and the German soldiers were truly cruel. However, I believe that in everything that is evil, or made to appear extremely evil, there is some good hidden within, and this story showcases just that. This was a powerful, heart-wrenching read that tore at my soul.

I also really enjoyed learning that the story was based on researched facts. The extent the author went to find as much as he could about the two main characters and the setting is amazing. Well done.

Who should read this book: If you’re looking for a book to really tear at your heart and soul, this one will do it.

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