Book Review: The Story of Humanity

Title: The Story of Humanity
Author: Ishi Nobu
Genre: Nonfiction
Year Published: September 26, 2022

Date Started: November 14, 2022
Date finished: November 18, 2022

This is a fascinating book about the beginning of humanity and all the things humans have done to destroy themselves and the planet. It provides a ton of insights into everything that’s happened in our world, both naturally, and things done by humans. It also covers lots of disappointments in human endeavors. It’s written in sort of a timeline but it’s not quite chronological and was done quite well that it wasn’t confusing or anything.

What I enjoyed most about this book was the information about the planet and the animals and how humans grew into what we are today. I liked the breakdown of the different political parties in each country, which country dominated during which period, and the natural changes of earth’s environment. I thought this was insightful and painted a thorough image of our world.

It’s a book to get you thinking and debating, but take it with a grain of salt. It is definitely worth the read because it will get your mind rolling. I had so many questions about a lot of the issues and topics. I love it when a book does that. I wish I was able to get answers to them because some of these issues and incidents were taught differently to me, so it felt like this was the author’s truths but not mine. I gave the book four stars because I would have liked to have some insights as to why these negative choices were made. I don’t believe they were done on purpose or done out of evil or a way to destroy for the sole purpose of destroying. Also, I found it strange the author called all the presidents of the United States, rulers. The U.S. is a three-branch government so that no one branch rules. That was just something I found off, but otherwise, it was thought-provoking and had me questioning things.

Who should read this book: If you want to read about humanity and the thoughts and ideas about the world we live in, this one is insightful and will you thinking.

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