Book Review: The King’s Death

Title: The King’s Death
Author: Ed Cannon  
Genre: Fantasy
Year Published: May 31, 2019

Date Finished: January 5, 2022

I didn’t read the first book because this book could be read without having read it. In this story, Silik becomes king and must defeat the enemy. He is granted help from magical healers who are able to provide information as to how to take down the enemy. Silik needs all the help he could get and because he is respected by members of the previous king’s entourage, he has the upper hand. It still wasn’t easy for him though. There were still evil forces in the works that could take him down.

There’s a lot to take in, in this story. The pacing is fast with mostly telling of who’s doing what. You don’t really get to know the characters too well. I’m not sure if that was intentionally done or if it was just overlooked. Either way, the story itself was still very enjoyable. There was a sense of fear that Silik may not succeed in defeating the enemy. Even he himself, at times, gave the feeling that he may not survive. I’d say, Silik was the most well-thought-out character. He was concerned for those he knew and tried to protect them as much as he could. The action and fight scenes were great. I truly enjoyed them and wanted more.

Overall, this was a great read. The lineage chart, the breakdown of the laws of magic and types of gods were beneficial and excellent to have as reference. The map was well-illustrated and easy to understand. If you’re into fantasy with magic and good versus evil, you don’t want to pass this one up.

Who should read this book: If you enjoy slow moving, fast paced writing (telling), with lots of characters, this one’s for you.

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