Lunch With Husband

The girls are both officially in school for the 20016/17  school year and I am back to having more time for myself and with my husband on his days off work.  I remember when the kids were babies and toddlers and kept me on my toes.  Now, they rarely need me.  It’s nice but sometimes I wish they were still little.  I can’t believe my oldest started high school.  It will take me awhile to accept this giant step.  Anyhow, I’m really enjoying spending more time with Husband.  It kind of feels like we are dating again.

Having lunch at Q Doba:


7 thoughts on “Lunch With Husband

  1. JSKiM

    Wow. Your kids have started school already? 🙂 Mine are bemoaning the encroaching first day of school. I can related to everything you mentioned; disbelief on how time has flown by, missing the pitter-patter of little feet, and yet enjoying the freedom that comes when the kids go back to school. Enjoy your lunch dates with your hubby!


    1. Pretty Peony Post author

      My grade-schooler’s school is on a transitional calendar year so they have a short summer. How funny, that your kids aren’t thrilled to start school. My kids were pretty excited but now my high-schooler is having a hard time adjusting to the homework load so I think she’s not as excited anymore. Thanks! And, good luck on your kids starting school! 🙂


      1. JSKiM

        Oh no to the heavy homework load! The whole adjustment from summer to back to school alone can be rough. Best of luck to you and your kids too! 🙂

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