Dental Goodies

KYDENTIST0001_640I don’t remember ever getting these great products from my visits to the dentist as a kid.  I got a generic toothbrush and got to pick out a sticker from a basket but that was about it.  My 11-year-old went to the dentist today and came home with these cool stuff.  A real toothbrush…better than what the family normally buys, samples of Crest toothpaste, mouthwash, floss and even a mini chapstick all inside a cup she’ll use to rinse her mouth with.

COLGATE0002_500Both my girls get a prescription strength fluoride toothpaste every six months.  Not free but it definitely keeps their teeth free of cavities and keeps them strong.  The one above was a free sample.  It should last them (along with what they still have of their current one) until their next visit since they only use a pea size once every night before bedtime.

All this fun stuff at the dentist makes me want to be a kid again.

Btw, I am not getting paid by the dentist or the company of the products above.  I’m just sharing info that I think are cool.

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