Wonder Why She’s So Picky


Kylie got a pretty dress today but she didn’t want to try it on (it was mail delivered).

“Nah.  I don’t like it.”  She said initially but changed her mind when I held the dress out at eye level to her.

She is so picky with clothes that sometimes I just want to give her money to buy her own clothes.  She’s only 5 so that’s not going to happen anytime soon.  It makes shopping difficult but I’m not complaining.  Really.  I kind of enjoy these moments.




Every time I take her photos.  She always has to make a funny face.  This time, it was her beast face.  She made a few faces with her tongue sticking out too but I have so many of those I’m actually kind of tired of them.

2 thoughts on “Wonder Why She’s So Picky

    1. You would think, right? But, those are actually her pretty poses. When she doesn’t want her photo taken she won’t look at the camera. She’ll even hide her face or run from me. In the last photo, I allowed her to make funny faces because it’s nice to get a little crazy sometimes. 🙂


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