Walkway Fixed and New Bookshelf

The kids saw this little guy on the lawn earlier today.  He looked me straight in the eyes as I clicked away at him.  He posed for me like a model.  I could see him thinking, “How do I look from this angle?  How about this pose?”  When I was done, he made his way across the motor cut lawn.  Not sure what or who he was looking for.

So the walkway is done.  We hired a small business to fix our thunderstorm damaged walkway and it took them about a week to finish.  I am pleased with the work.  It’s so much better than what husband had put in.  If you want see the before photos, go here.

These photos were taken before the guys came back to power wash.  Now all husband needs to do is level each side of the walkway.  This means more dirt, more rocks, and more sweat.  We also plan to plant some bushes or flowers along the sides.

New Bookshelf

I finally replaced my old bookshelf with a new one.  Since starting Project Life earlier in the year, I’ve been buying quite a few 3 ring binders to put my photos and memorabilia and needed a place to put them.  Previously, they were taking up space on the bill nook so I am really happy to have a place to put them.



I’ll be posting pages from my Project Life at my design blog, Lee Benkers Designs, so if you would like to see how I’m coming along, or if you’d like to get inspired, head on over there.

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