A Little Artist

I bought a table easel (for half price at Jo-Ann’s) so Kylie can paint on the days she doesn’t have preschool.  When I brought the easel home and explained to her what it was, she got excited and wanted to paint right away.

She painted five abstract pieces.  I know they might look like messy paintings, but to me, they are how she sees the world around her.  Purple seems to stand out.  Three of the five had lots of purple in it.  My favorite was a pastel piece with a butterfly at the top of the paper and thick brushes of pinks, oranges, and greens below.

BTW, I was asking husband, “Which is better, A Little Artist, or The Little Artist?” and while he was thinking on it, Kylie yells out from the next room, “A!…A!”  Then comes running over, sticks her head into the room, and says, “I like ‘A’ better.”

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