Book Review: The Maestro Monologue

Title: The Maestro Monologue
Author: Rob White
Genre: Self-help
Year Published: September 9, 2021

Date Started: July 12, 2022
Date finished: July 14, 2022

This is a self-help book to guide you to a more productive and satisfied life. It’s broken up into four parts and is very thorough about its purpose in each part. There are exercises in each part to help guide you through the process of finding your purpose and to get you to your happiness and continued happiness.

I really enjoyed reading this book and doing the exercises. The book reminded me of a seminar I attended a long time ago in which you have to look back to move forward. It’s the things in your childhood/younger years that are what’s holding you back, and in order to move forward and truly be happy with yourself, you have to revisit those moments and work through them because they have a lot of control over your choices in your current life. Sometimes we might feel that we are happy where we’re at but sometimes we are simply just kidding ourselves, but there’s no way of knowing one from the other. In order to know the difference, we have to allow ourselves to go into that vulnerable place and learn to turn the situation around.

There is so much to learn from this book. Even if you feel like you are at your happy place this book will open new ways to look at your current situation, your past, and your future. Any time you question your current situation, it’s always good to seek out guidance, and this book is an excellent book for that.

Who should read this book: Anyone looking to work on their happiness or just simply curious if they are truly in their happy place.

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