Book Review: The Rich One

Title: The Rich One
Author: N.O. One
Genre: Fiction; Smut
Year Published: April 21, 2022

Date Started: April 2, 2023
Date finished: April 3, 2023

This story is about a woman named River who goes by the name Rose in her job as a call girl. River is a bit confusing because she can’t decide if she still wants to be with her ex, Kia. He doesn’t know she’s a call girl and she doesn’t plan to tell him, yet every time she needs someone to talk to or sleep with (outside of her job), she turns to him. This story doesn’t have an ending. It felt like the rest of the story was missing. Either that or I got a copy that wasn’t complete?

Not sure what to think of this story. I wanted to try my hands at a purely smut book, and I guess I’m not sure this book inspired me to keep reading smut, however, knowing me, I will probably give this sub-genre multiple tries just to confirm that I can enjoy books I don’t normally read. As for this book, at first it felt like it was erotica but having read my fair share of erotica, it didn’t fit the bill. There were less sexual things going on. It was mainly about River not being able to decide if she wanted to be with Kia (who didn’t want to be with her since he got engaged to someone else). I really couldn’t get a straight story out of this, but my guess is that was the intention?

Who should read this book: If you like books without a clear storyline, a main character who can’t decide what she wants, who enjoys her job as a call girl, but wants her ex back, this one will do.

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