Book Review: Higher Connections: Humor and Inspiration from a Certified Public Pothead

Title: Higher Connections: Humor and Inspiration from a Certified Public Pothead
Author: Eric Right and Alexandra Right
Genre: Nonfiction; Addiction; Memoir
Year Published: July 27, 2022

Date Started: March 15, 2023
Date finished: March 19, 2023

This book is about the author, Eric Right, and his addiction to cannabis. The book was written while he was high on cannabis in which he was able to reach areas of thoughts that he wouldn’t be able to reach if he’d not been high. Right covers a few areas of life from raising a family to religion, to science, to questions about who we (humans) are. It’s a thought-provoking book with included research.

The topics Right touched on were interesting. He seemed to delve deeper into religion than anything else, but it’s understandable because of his upbringing. It makes sense that that’s at the forefront of his insights. I just found it unfortunate that he’s only able to delve that deep when high because it’s impossible to truly communicate with others about these insights in that state.

I’m glad to have read this book. I like learning about people and why they make the life choices they do. Right sounds like someone who’s intelligent and caring. It sounds like what lead him to the use of cannabis was his environment. He was being pulled in too many directions and found cannabis to be something to hold him together. It was also his way of escape.

This book was well written with a touch of humor. Aside from learning about Right and his life on cannabis, I also learned a lot about the effects of cannabis in how it distorts the mind (how it’s one-sided). It seems to jump start a part of the brain that’s been dormant in some people. If not done already, more studies should be done on the positives and negatives of this drug long term.

Who should read this book: Anyone interested in learning about a person’s path into using cannabis.

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