Book Review: Tides of Blue

Title: Tides of Blue
Author: Sharon Brukaker
Genre: Fiction; Literary, Women’s Fiction
Year Published: October 20, 2020

Date Started: March 9, 2023
Date finished: March 12, 2023

This story is about two women, Anna Grace and Beth, who are in abusive marriages and learn to find their way out. The two stories take place in two different time periods, one in the 1800’s and one in the present. The two stories are intertwined through the sea glass which plays an important backdrop in both women’s lives.

I really enjoyed this story. I like how it began with Anna Grace’s story and how she ended up marrying an abusive man. She didn’t know it at the time that he was abusive and by the time she realized he wasn’t who she thought he’d be, it was too late. As for Beth, she too didn’t realize her husband’s abusive ways until he became extremely violent. Luckily, for both these two women, they each found a man who was caring and supportive.

The tension buildup was excellent. I was on edge when Beth’s husband pretty much went crazy. I felt it was well done and really got me rooting for Beth and the other man who cared about her. This is a well written story of suffering and love. The added history behind the sea glass was a plus. I loved learning about them.

Who should read this book: Anyone into overcoming violence and learning to move on from it. The information about the sea glass is also very fascinating and worth learning in this book.

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