One Photo Four Ways

Over at my digital scrap/designing blog, I share freebies, tutorials, new kits, collabs, and my Project Life for those who love to capture the moments of life (like myself) and put them into beautiful layouts to document their legacy.  Once in awhile my heart will earn yearn to create a fantasy concept just for the heck of it.  I want to share what I did with a photo taken of my 5-year-old.  I asked her to pose for me so that I could create a fantasy layout of her and she jumped right to it.  When she saw how I had used the layout for my desktop, she screamed in excitement.

Here is the photo:

1. Created a fantasy digital layout:

2. Turned it into a painted look followng this tutorial:

3. Made it into my desktop:

4. Made it into my Facebook cover photo:

The kit used in the creation of these layouts is called, The Story Crate, a digital scrapboook kit collaboration by three designers (one of them, me).

4 thoughts on “One Photo Four Ways

  1. You are so artistic. I have trained myself to work with photoshop, but find that I do not have the patience to sit and do the tedious work that it entails.


  2. Thanks, MaiBao! There are certain things that I find are tedious too but most the time I am so focused on the end product/goal that it doesn’t bother me. A lot of times I am also learning new techniques. Once I learn one technique, I use it as a springboard for the next technique, and so on. It’s always been fun and exciting. I also understand that Photoshop (and the likes) is not for everyone.


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