Valentine Stuff

Over the weekend, while the girls and I were heading out to buy Valentine stuff for their school’s Valentine card exchange, I saw glittery frosts on the front yard weed and just had to get photos of them.  I made the girls wait in the car while I spent about 15 minutes shooting.  LOL!

For Kylie’s school Valentine this year, I decided to add a little extra fun to it and made these candy-filled bags.  I got the idea from Martha Stewart Living magazine and also Home & Garden Magazine.

For her dance class, I made them with beige paper and pink ribbon.

Kida didn’t want hers to be all fancy so she used my jewelry zip-top bags.  She was actually pretty upset at me for wanting to create these bags filled with goodies (and hand-made cards) instead of the usual store bought Valentine cards so we compromised.

2 thoughts on “Valentine Stuff

  1. The Valentine bags you made for Kylie look so pretty and delicious. I would be happy to get one if I were a kid. I guess Kida didn’t want it to be fancy as you said but the candy still looks good.


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