Colorado Dragon Boat Festival [Photos]

The Colorado Dragon Boat Festival took place on July 30th and 31st.  My sibling’s band, One Sun One Moon (OSOM), played on stage yesterday.  The temperature was well over 100 degrees but it was worth it.  OSOM was awesome!  Even if they weren’t my siblings, I would still think they were awesome.

Here is a slideshow of OSOM during their performance:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below are other performers we saw.  We only went one day and near the end of the day so we only got to see a few.

One thought on “Colorado Dragon Boat Festival [Photos]

  1. Hi Lee,
    Can you email me pictures of OSOM from this post as well as any other photos you have of us please? We’d like to use them on some of our promo material/websites etc.
    Thanks a ton!


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