Moss Rocks & Fence

Husband picked up a few pieces of moss rocks from Pioneer Sand Co. last week and with the help of his dad, laid them around our front yard.  I didn’t think it’d make much of a difference but our yard actually looks more comfy.  It’s amazing what a few rocks can do to the landscape.

It’s not complete yet.  We’re thinking of getting a really big moss rock delivered to replace that little one all alone in that photo above, near top.  As for the three rocks near bottom, I think we might leave them and grow some colorful perennials around them.

Backyard Fence

Late last week our backyard fence was put in by a fencing company.  The photo only shows the fence posts – I’ve not had the time to get the completed fence yet.  Currently, husband is dealing with an issue about where the fence was put.  We lost about a foot and half of property in the process so husband is trying to figure out exactly where the property line should be.  I really know nothing about how they figure out where the fence should go but hope all turns out well.

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