Digital Layout: Thru the Frame (With a PS How-To) & Legend…Remember That Wonderful Movie?

[Thru the Frame]

I created this fairy tale fantasy for a challenge contest at  I had purchased the kit (Under the Dogwood Blossoms) because it was on sale and I really just wanted to check out Lorie’s artwork, to play with it and see what comes out of it, since every time I check out her blog, I’m always fascinated by her talent.

I should mention that every time I download a kit (any kit from any designer) and open their folders of papers and elements, I slightly get overwhelmed.  What to do?  There are so many different ways to create a layout.  Where to start?  What paper(s) should I use for the background? What elements do I want to use?  What photo(s) to use?

When I am at my most inspired, those questions come and go quickly.  When I’m at my least inspired, I will walk away from the computer, go for a walk, take some photos, watch some T.V., look at a magazinge, etc.  Then, return and something creative will pop into my head.

For the layout above, I used a photo that I’ve had on hand since April.  I’ve got a few of Kylie holding her palms out like that (she loved this layout of her holding a star: Fairyland Home) but I wanted one with a slight blur to her.  This photo isn’t the best because her hands were blurred too but it was the photo I liked best.

Then I picked out the paper, a frame, and some elements.

Everything gets layered on.  Layers are on the right side next to the image.

I trimmed the frame where Kylie’s hand was to give it a 3D effect, added shadows and that was it.

Hope that inspired.

Legend: That Wonderful Fantasy Movie

I loved this movie.  It was one of the best movies I saw when I was younger.  While working on the layout this movie came into my mind so I went on youtube and found it.  This video pretty much tells the whole story in almost 5 minutes, and it’s amazingly done!

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