Flaky Snow & “I’m In The Front”

It snowed this past Saturday with soft flaky snow landing so peacefully on the ground that I didn’t even know it was snowing until I looked up from concentrating on my homework assignment.

Spoken Words From A Toddler: “I’m In The Front”

Yesterday morning while on our way to drop Kida off at catechism I asked the girls if they were hot or cold in their seats in the car.  I asked because it would determine if I needed to turn on the heat or not. This is how the conversation went.

ME: Girls, are you hot or cold back there?


ME: Girls?

KIDA: Um….I’m not hot or cold.  I’m in the middle.

ME: Okay.  Kylie?  How about you?

KYLIE: I’m in the front.

Kida began to tell Kylie that she wasn’t in the front and that I wasn’t asking about being in the front or middle or back. I was asking if she was hot or cold.  Kylie of course, had nothing else to say.  I don’t think she understood what was going on.  ♥

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