Graduated Pre-K

It is hard for me to believe that Kylie just finished pre-k.  Husband and I attended her “graduation” ceremony and while sitting in the small seats and round tables eating our hotdogs, veggies, and fruits it hit me that she was really done and moving on to kindergarten this fall.

Husband left before Kylie and I because he had to go to work but I left quickly right after him because saying goodbye was hard and I wanted to make it quick and painless (for myself).  After I hugged the assistant teacher, tears started blurring my vision while I tried to rush things along by shoving Kylie to keep moving and agreeing to whatever the assistant was saying to me, but it was too late. I ended wiping my make-up smeared eyes while she went on and on about the difficulties of goodbyes.

I think I miss this whole experience more than my daughter.

Deep down, I realize that this is it.  This is my last child in preschool and I will never get to experience this part of the journey again.  It is moments like these that I wish time would just stand still a little longer so that I can soak it all in.

6 thoughts on “Graduated Pre-K

  1. oh do you know my little boy is the same age as your little Kylie and he finishes playschool very soon and will be moving on the pre-school in the autumn. Wow – I’m sure the realisation will hit me very soon. Gorgeous, really gorgeous photos of a very adorable little girl! A journey of a mother is always an evolving one! Hugs, Sharon


    1. Sharon, that is so cool that they’re the same age! I hope you’ll let me know your experience with your little boy moving on. And, yes, that is so true about our journeys as mothers.

      Thank you.


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