Graduated Pre-K

It is hard for me to believe that Kylie just finished pre-k.  Husband and I attended her “graduation” ceremony and while sitting in the small seats and round tables eating our hotdogs, veggies, and fruits it hit me that she was really done and moving on to kindergarten this fall.

Husband left before Kylie and I because he had to go to work but I left quickly right after him because saying goodbye was hard and I wanted to make it quick and painless (for myself).  After I hugged the assistant teacher, tears started blurring my vision while I tried to rush things along by shoving Kylie to keep moving and agreeing to whatever the assistant was saying to me, but it was too late. I ended wiping my make-up smeared eyes while she went on and on about the difficulties of goodbyes.

I think I miss this whole experience more than my daughter.

Deep down, I realize that this is it.  This is my last child in preschool and I will never get to experience this part of the journey again.  It is moments like these that I wish time would just stand still a little longer so that I can soak it all in.

Mother’s Day

Went to my 5-year-old’s Mother’s Day Tea Party at her preschool earlier today.  She was so excited when she told me about it last week, but on this day, she showed no excitement at all.  It was still a 99 on her scale of 1-10 (10 being the best).

Got a card and chocolates from husband.  We both are upgrading our phones to androids so that was my gift.  I can’t wait to get it!  Finally, a phone with a much better camera.  I’ve been dying to play with Instagram.

Friday, got a wrapped gift from Kida and she begged me to open it right away (as soon as she got in the car when I picked her up from school) and beautiful flowers from my youngest sister and her boyfriend.

Saturday  (It was actually on Sunday), we celebrated Mother’s Day for Mom.  I made a card for her using papers and elements from the “Moment In Time” kit.

Mom also got flowers from my sister.

I couldn’t resist getting a shot of this bird from her flowers.  🙂

Ready For Preschool

[August 2008]

There are days when I wish time would just stand still until I say, “I’m ready to move on.”

Yesterday, Kylie got the last two vaccinations she needed in order to start preschool.  While at the pediatrician’s office, she made the employees laugh with her goofy sense of humor.  I thought she’d be scared and quiet so I found myself surprised at all the silly things she was saying to them.  But, all that changed when she got her vaccinations.

Even though the vaccinations were quick, with one right after the other, Kylie felt the difference.  The first vaccination went really fast and almost painless.  The second one was a little more painful.  After the medical assistant was done with the second one, Kylie was very upset and said, “Oouw! That one hurt.”  Then while the medical assistant was putting on the band-aids, Kylie said, “You hurt me!” and started crying with more, “You hurt me!” in her sobs.

In an earlier blog post, I said Kylie was starting preschool this month but she’s actually starting early September.  Kida, btw, starts 4th grade next week.  We went earlier this week to register and to find out who her teacher was.  There was a certain teacher she wanted and she didn’t get that teacher so in front of the gentleman who handed her the index card with her teacher’s name on it, she said, “Aww, I didn’t get Ms. (teacher’s name).”  It was embarrassing.  Anyway, I can’t believe Kida is going to 4th grade.  After 5th grade she’ll be heading on to middle school.

The photo was edited in iPhoto and cropped in PS.