Tango Passion 4 You Chewed By Rabbits

[Asiatic Lilium: Tango Passion 4 You]

At first I thought these lilies were Tiger Lilies because when they were planted last year, I remembered them to be spotted, but when they bloomed this year, they weren’t spotted, rather, they’re more painted-like.  I was curious so I did some research and found that they were called Tango Passion 4 You.  They are gorgeous.  So so so gorgeous.  And, they taste good too.  Just ask the rabbits who’ve been enjoying their leaves and petals.

I talked about putting human hair on the lilies here and tried it but it didn’t work.  Maybe I was doing it wrong.  I only put a strand around each of them so maybe I should have put a wad of dirty hair all over them.  Yuck.  I just can’t see myself doing that.  Plus, I don’t think it would pleasing to the eyes.

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