Homemade Pho

Eating up what’s in the pantry so I could make room for other dry and canned products. I’ve had these pho noodles for about six months and because herbs don’t last very long, I figured I could use up the herbs this way.

This pho is really easy to make. I pretty much boil any kind of beef (normally, I’ll use ox tail but they were out) then add beef broth and a few shakes of star anise powder along with some salt and pepper. If I have lemongrass, I’ll cut some up and throw it in there. That’s pretty much it. This is how my youngest likes her pho (with no herbs or hot sauce). She says I make the best homemade pho. She also says, I make the best kapoon, spaghetti, baked breaded chicken, baked salmon, scrambled eggs, etc.

Chicken Laab With Home Grown Mint

In late spring I bought a baby mint plant with plans to plant it somewhere in the backyard.  I never got to it but continued to water it in hopes that I would do it over the summer.  Still never got to it.  It grew kind of wildly and I wanted to trim it but I didn’t want to waste any of it’s fragrant leaves.  Chicken laab came to mind a couple of times but then things got in the way.  I finally got to the point where I was craving chicken laab and had to make it.  I’m so glad I did.  It was delicious and I feel happy not wasting the mint.

MINT0123BRDR_640CKHLAAB0125BRDR_640 I’ve also been craving hot green tea with a sprinkle of mint leaves.  Maybe I’ll have that this evening.