Project Life January Week 5

It took me 5 months to finish my Project Life January photos.  What a relief!


Documenting life is very time consuming, but when I look back at the photos and the journaling, it puts a smile on my face.  It’s weird to describe the feeling: kids grow, adults age, pets age, surroundings change, etc.  There’s so much change all the time all around.  We don’t realize how much change there is until we get the opportunity to sit down and think about it or flip through a photo book.  This is so off topic but my 12-year-old can’t imagine a time when we didn’t have cell phones or computers.  Yes, I grew up without a computer in my home until I was 18 years old, and then, it was only AOL chatrooms.  I told daughter that when I was in middle school and high school, we had pagers.  Well, I couldn’t afford a pager but my friends had pagers.  It was the cool thing then.  You’d carry this pager on your belt loop or something and it would either peep or vibrate which would prompt you to find a pay phone.  Pay phone?  LOL!  Daughter has never seen one of those.

The Carriage Fantasy Concept Art

Decided to update my desktop with a digital fantasy concept I’m calling, The Carriage.  I just wanted something new  and quickly so it was very minimal work.  To view a larger image, click here.


If you’re interested in how I went about putting this piece together, see below.

I started out with these stock images. Clockwise from top left: Painted scenery paper by Lorie Davison (purchased), free stock photos of girls’ back by Girls Everywhere 49 at Deviantart, free fairy wings by daftopia at Deviantart, and free stock photo of carriage at Pixabay.

THECARRIAGE_STEP6_800Using Photoshop, I began the process.  Normally I would create a 12×12 layout and then crop to fit but because I just wanted something quick, I made it my screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 300 dpi.




Decorating Surgar Cookies

My 7-year-old had this fabulous plan to make and decorate sugar cookies.  I wasn’t able to make the sugar cookies from scratch because of limited time so I bought premade dough.  They turned out pretty tasty even thought they lost their shape in the oven.


El Safari

Daughter’s safari team project in Spanish class.  She was creative and added the grass, weeds, and pond even though it wasn’t required.


Taurus WIP

Decided to get going on the Taurus drawing. This is what I use to draw: sketching pencils, an erasure, two size pencil sharpener (for the larger pencils that don’t fit in the electric sharpener), the sketchbook, music, and the electric sharpener.



Cistena Plum Bush

When we had the front lawn landscaped, we had a couple of cistena plum bushes put in.  Then we bought a couple more later on and planted those ourselves.  For some reason, those two died after a couple of years of pretty blossoms.  I wonder what happened.  They were planted in the same area as the thriving ones.  Going forward, we’ll probably replace them with something else.  I do really love it when they flower though.