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Loveland Snowboarding

In January, husband went snowboarding in Loveland. He went by himself because I’m not a snowboarder or a skiier. I have been meaning to share photos he took of this little trip. It’s all so breathtaking.


Practice Matte Painting

An old frozen rusty ship matte painting.  I followed the Youtube tutorial here.


For the skyline, I used this photo I took of the Miami skyline during a family cruise to the Bahamas a couple years ago.


Other photos used from a free photo stock site:


I began by making a sketch.


Then, I layered the photos.


Adjusted the colors, masked textures onto the ship, painted the snow all the way to the skyline, and painted snow on the buildings as well as on the ship.


Added filters.


Added snow.

SnowedShip7_800Close up of completed ship.



Frosty Pine

I’ve taken photos of frosts on the pine tree before (here) but I couldn’t resist.  I processed these using ACR instead of directly in Photoshop.


It’s Like She Knows


Teddy, the family Keeshond seems to know more than we think she does.  Even though she’s never made a trip to visit my dad, grandma, and sister at the hospital, it’s as though she knows something’s up.

This week has been hard.

A Wintery Morning

SNW20131204_1500SNW20131204_2800SNW20131204_3800SNW20131204_4800SNW20131204_5800Dropped daughter at school and this was the gorgeous view on the way home.  Photos taken with the android.