Staying Healthy

Last week husband and I went to the reservoir to do some running (him) and biking (me).  The weather was perfect.  I had my phone with me so I took some pictures.  One of these days I plan to take the DSLR and take much better photos.  For now I think these don’t look so bad.  I used actions by Sarah Gardner on the photos.

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Aquarium and a Digital Art Journal

Earlier in the week the family went to the Downtown Aquarium in Denver with one of my sisters, her boyfriend, and one of my brothers and his kids.  I’ve been wanting to go for awhile but just never seemed to have the time (or the funds).  I’m glad that my sister was determined to get me to go because it was a lot of fun, especially for my girls + she paid for my girls so I am very grateful (thanks again, Jamie!).

Here are photos from the aquarium:

Digital Art Journal: Faith

Since today’s topic is on creatures of the sea (water/ocean/sea), I thought I’d also share a digital art journal piece I’ve created for a challenge at Hummie’s World that has something to do with water.  You can read more about the challenge and see my drawings at my design blog, here.

Pop Jet Fountain Fun!

[8.30.11 Kylie In Fountain]

This morning before dropping Kida off at school, Kylie came into my bedroom very excited about something.  I asked her if she was ready to go drop her sister off and she said, “Yep!” and then pulled up her dress to reveal her swimming suit under.  She remembered.  Yesterday, we went to dinner at Southlands Shopping Center and she wanted to play in the pop jet fountain but she didn’t have her swimsuit on.  I didn’t expect her to remember so I was pretty surprised.  After dropping Kida off at school, I came home for the camera and we headed to the fountain.

After the fountain, Kylie and I had lunch and then we went home.  She was so happy.