April 2021 Playlist

Missing early 2K EDM (electronic dance music) so I’m listening a bunch of them. “Ecstasy” by ATB is one of my all time favorites. It was released in 2004 but I think I got hooked on the song a year or two later. This remixed version is what I’ve been listening to.

“Close to You” by Tiesto. This song was released in 2001 but I heard it maybe eight years ago. Don’t know how I missed this one ’cause I was listening to his other stuff.

“Reach Me” by First State. Love this beat. There’s no singing, just smooth trance-like music. There’s an undertone of sadness to it which is what I think makes this music so beautiful. Released in 2007.

“On and On” by Ilona Europa. This one was my oldest daughter’s favorite. It’s also one of my favorites. It was released in 2006.

“Stereo Love” by Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina. Not my favorite but husband loves this song. It was released in 2009.

June Favorite Songs

Before I share my list, just thought I’d mention that I’m doing Camp Nano this month. Goal is 30K words for a romance novella. It’s something different from the sci-fi and fantasy stuff.

As you know, I love music. I track monthly favorites in my bujo. I do it pretty sloppily but it’s nice being able to flip back and see what I’ve been listening to. I used to track it on this blog but stopped and I’m not sure why. I enjoyed doing that so I’ll continue it.

Here’s my top favorites/most listened to songs from June:

“Aeternum” by John Lunn for The Last Kingdom series on Netflix. The soundtrack for the series is simply amazing. It’s one of the best out there. I’d say it’s just as good as The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack. “Aeternum” is so haunting. The drums and bass from 3:10 on is one of my favorites. In the show, they play that beat without the singing and it gives me goosebumps.

“Enso” by The Alliance. This is a trance song and has a pretty fast beat but at 2:00, it slows down to nothing and then picks up with an epic tune from 2:23 to 2:50.

“Last Hope” by Antoine Heid. I’ve shared this song before but I’ve started listening to it again. Mainly because I’m editing my sci-fi novella, but also because there’s a part of the song that has this really good drum piece that I missed before. It’s from 1:45 to 2:45. It’s sort of like a rolling drum but I’m not sure. It’s just fabulous!

“Zocalo” by Armin van Buuren. This is an old tune but I could never get enough of it. The breakdown from 3:35 to 5:15 kind of takes all my worries away.

“I Should Have Known” by Jovani feat. Jazzu. Love Jazzu’s voice, but also love the rolling drums. I’m a sucker for rolling drums.

My Top 10 Progressive House/Dream Trance Picks of 2011

I have a love for dreamy balearic music along the lines of progressive house and dream trance.  I’m not so much into the hardcore techno stuff, unless I’m at a night club…which I haven’t been to for a very long time, because it’s not something I could relax to.

Dream trance is what it sounds like.  Dreamy and mind altering.  Some of my favorites are those with soothing vocals and lyrics that take me to far away worlds and all things far from reality.  It’s fun once in awhile to create a world of ones own imagination to escape to.  A lot of these songs have areas of fading in and out of slow and fast parts.  Some songs are extremely lengthy and repetitive but I think that’s what makes this kind of music unique.

I mostly listen to dream trance (and the likes) when I am working on digital scrapping, digital art, editing photos, writing, etc.  It puts me at my best.

Here are my top 10 this year.  All these videos were found on YouTube.


1.Feels Like Heaven” (Downtempo Version) by Roger Shah & Sunlounger feat. Zara Taylor.  I could listen to this song straight through + repeat.


2.Disarm Yourself” by Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewett.  This is a very beautiful song and Emma’s voice is beyond soothing.


3.Ong Namo” (Live Intro Edit Version) by Bryan Kearney and Snatam Kaur.  Soothing and epic intro.


4.Opposing Worlds” (Original Mix Edit) by Dimension & Long Island feat. Anthya.  I love the fade in and out of this song.


5.See Me Here” (Acoustic Mix) by Orion.  Slow, relaxing, and the vocals are dreamy.


6.Beautiful Night” (Downtempo Version) by Roger Shah feat. Antonia Lucas.  Great song but I think the best part is the music starting at 4:40.


Music Only

7.Sunshine” by Ryan Farish.  This song is on his Legacy (Greatest Hits 2000-2010) album but I still listen to it quite often and sometimes on repeat.


8.White” by Smith & Pledger.  At 2:20 it slows down to a beautiful tune, and then picks up, taking that tune with it.


9.One Day” by Soundlift.  Starting at about 2:35, it slows down, and gives a whole new feel to the song then picks up again around 4:30.


10.You Left” (Alexei Zakharov Ambient Mix) by Pedro Del Mar & Blue Tente.  This version is slow with a touch of melancholy.

I hope you enjoyed them!