One Perfect Sunrise

This video is pretty neat by someone on youtube named hajime1969.  The song is “One Perfect Sunrise” by Orbital.

I was looking through my photos for a sunrise photo and couldn’t find too many.  The last sunrise photos taken was last September when my family and I went to Maroon Bells.  Guess this means it’s time to get out there early and capture some early morning gorgeousness.

I created this layout as an example for a freebie on my other blog but I think we can all use a little reminder to live in the moment.

More Maroon Bells Photos – The Hike

This is the direct opposite view of the Maroon Bells.  It was probably around 7:45 am when we started hiking.  Some bushes and leaves were thinly frosted.  The areas that received the sun’s ray first had dew droplets on them.  It was very magical and peaceful.

Fly fisherman and paparazzis!  Kidding.

These Aspen trees stood gracefully tall and proud.

This was a lake but it was completely dried up.

That lake was so clear you could see everything in it.

Kida’s picking cotton (she wanted to make a dress with it) and Kylie, she just didn’t want to turn around for a pose but did anyway frowning all the way.

Some serious photographers here.

This was the view they were facing.

Kylie started picking cotton too.

Kida couldn’t pick enough for a dress so she started collecting Aspen leaves.

When we came down from our 20 minute hike (I got scared of lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!) the photographers were still there and there were even more than before.  It’s hard to see in the photos but they were all lined along the lake.

Hope you enjoyed all the photos!

Early Morning Capture of Maroon Bells

[Sunrise on Maroon Bells]

Last summer, the family went on a weekend vacation to see the Maroon Bells in Aspen with a friend and her family.  I posted a video of that trip, here.  It was so breathtaking that my family went back last weekend to see the changing colors.  It was more beautiful this time with all the colors.

We drove Saturday morning and stayed at a motel in Glennwood Springs.  The girls got to swim in the mineral pool nearby.  It was Kida’s second time and Kylie’s first in the pool.  Around 6:30 am the next morning, we drove to Maroon Bells.  When we arrived at Maroon Bells, the sun was just beginning to rise.  We had to park in the overflow parking because there were just so many cars.  It was also extremely chilly.  Kida and Kylie didn’t pack warm clothes (they didn’t realize it would be so cold) so we went out for about 15 minutes to take the sunrise photos and then stayed in the car for awhile until it got warmer.

By the lake, there were a lot photographers lined up ready to capture the sun-lit tops.  When it happened, it was just awe.

We hiked up the mountain and took more photos.  I’ll be posting those tomorrow.