Mt. Antero

Husband hiked a 14er, Mt. Princeton, a couple of weeks ago.  He finally showed me the photos and I was in awe.  When he summited Mt. Princeton he took this amazing photo of Mt. Antero.


Drove Up to Mt. Evans

Husband took these gorgeous photos:

Daughter and I hiking up the last bit of Mt. Evans.  The lack of oxygen really did a number on me.  That’s me in the black coat with the hood on, initially hanging on to courage, but failed and never made it to the top.  It was cold and extremely windy.  Husband and the girls made it though.


At the summit, a varmint sits on a hanging rock overlooking the view.

We saw these mountain goats near the restrooms (center left).  They blend in with the environment so well that we didn’t even notice them.  I believe a few people were taking photos of them and that’s how we saw them too.MTEVANS0046_800

On our drive up to the summit, there was a small section near the road with these amazing bristlecone pine trees.  We decided to stop on our way back from the summit to stand among them and to snap some shots.  MTEVANS0058_800MTEVANS0056_800MTEVANS0055_600MTEVAMS0065_600MTEVANS0062_600

Photos From Pike’s Peak Hike

PP20130615_3PP20130615_2PP20130615_4PP20130615_J1PP20130615_J2PP20130615_J3PP20130615_J4All photos were taken at or above 12,000 feet above sea level.  Photos taken with Galaxy SII.  I won’t be hiking for along time after the incident mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, but I do plan to head back up to Pike’s summit.