Tidying Up

I read “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo in 2015 and attempted her tidying method for awhile. It worked for a little bit. I was able to clear out all the makeup I’ve collected throughout the years and I’ve been able to keep my makeup stash to a minimum to this day. I also tried to clean out my drawers and fold my clothes using her method but that didn’t last very long. I’m not sure why but I’m going to give it another try. I want to clear out clutter. I want to only keep the things I use often, and I want to keep my spending on materialistic things low.

Marie recommends starting with clothes but I’ve decided to start with the study where all crafting stuff are. Every time I walk into the study I get so overwhelmed that my mind can’t focus. I’ve tried cleaning sections of the room but all I’ve done is move one mess into another space creating another mess. I know that in order to really clear out a room, I have to remove everything (almost everything) and then put back only the things I use often or on a daily basis. I never did it because I didn’t know where to put everything I took out. This week, I decided that I’d put everything in the living room and then from there, go through all the “junk” and decide what brings me joy and what doesn’t.

This is the study before:


This is after:


My desk before:


My desk after:


This is where all the stuff was put (in the living room). My goal is to get rid of at least 80% of this stuff.


Repost My Craft and Office Space

Original date: 12.16.13

I’ve been meaning to share my updated crafting space.  It was once so messy that I didn’t even know where to begin organizing but slowly I was able to get it done!  Let’s hope I can keep it this way for a long time.





I’m actually not completely organized yet.  There are still lots of drawers with papers and junk everywhere.  I’ve only gotten two drawers organized, as shown above, but that’s been making me so excited to continue with this project!  It’s such a great feeling to open that drawer with all my tools and be able to see exactly what I need.


Studying Pays Off

KYREAD0008_600Even at this young age, studying pays off.  I’ve been practicing with Kylie once a day and sometimes twice a day for about half an hour (she used to only handle 10 to 15 minutes) on her reading and sight words and it has tremendously helped her do well on her tests!  Before, I was switching off with husband but I needed to just take control of this and do it all because she was only doing mediocre before.  She has been reading at least 3 books a week and practicing at least 20 sight words per week consistently!  On top of that she is also acing her math (addition) and spelling tests!  She only did badly once on her spelling test and that was during the first week she returned to school after winter break.

This morning, she wanted to do it all:  finish all her math, all her sight words, all her books, spelling practice, and her comprehension bubble map homework, but she accidentally flipped her papers too close to her eyes and got a paper cut in one eye so we had to stop because it was hurting too much.  By the time she felt better it was time for school.

She came home this afternoon and was so proud of herself for doing so well.  She showed me all her stickers for all the books she read and all the sight words she was able to test out of…which was about 3 pages of words.  I read her teacher’s notes and I was so proud.  Never have I felt this proud of Kylie.  She really put in 100% and it showed and she’s only in Kindergarten.

Paint Sampling

Husband and I took a couple of weeks (maybe even more) trying to decide on what colors to paint a couple of our rooms.  We’d really like to get the living room painted and decorated.  It’s been empty for two years now.  We’re in no rush but it would be nice to get our house a bit more organized and cozied-up.

The thing with organizing is that I have a hard time deciding where things should go and how to group things.  I thought our study was messy before but now it’s even more messier and when things are messy, I can’t think.  Anyway, we moved things around in the study and then realized that we wanted the room painted before we fully organize it.  See, I don’t even know what I’m trying to say here.

This is our paint samples in the study.  The starred color is what the room will be painted in.  The red is the accent color which will go on one wall.  Husband and I can’t decide which wall…actually, we just disagree.

This is the paint samples in the living room.  The accent is a dark expresso/mocha color that we’ll use as an accent in the hallway.  The starred color is the same color shown in the study.  It looks completely different in this room.  Husband loves this color.  I like the runner up color.  It makes me happy because it has a yellowishness to it that makes me calm and happy.  We might use the runner-up color as the main color in the powder with the the red as the accent.  Husband painted the samples close to the trim because he wanted to be able to see the contrast.  🙂