This was my first hike this year. This was a really easy hike. The landscape was mainly flat so I did’t get much workout in, which is fine for now since it’s been awhile. The views were beautiful and very green.

We laid down a couple of rocks for Kat, the girl who passed away in May from suicide, who was the dance friend of my daughter.  We also scattered some wild flowers that was given at her memorial at the top of the hill we climbed to.  Maybe we’ll visit this place again in a couple of years and see if the flowers survived.



Hiking Near Flagstaff

The family went hiking yesterday near Flagstaff in Boulder, CO.  I believe the last time I hiked there, my 10-year-old was about two years old.

That’s CU Boulder in that view.

This was at the highest point that I was willing to go.  The view was gorgeous.  In order to get this shot, I had to climb up on a rock that was flattened on the top.  The drop off the side of that rock was probably about 100 feet.

Rock climbers.

View on our hike down.

Husband wanted to drive through Flagstaff.  He remembered a “castle” we had seen when we were dating and driving through this area on an ordinary day.  It still looks as beautiful as the first time we saw it.

It was a great day.

Damaged Walkway

Last year, husband put in a walkway using flagstones, sand, and breeze (photos of it here).  Last week, the sand and breeze got washed away by the rainstorm that lasted all evening and through the night (the family even hid under the basement stairs for awhile during the tornado sirens).  We’re now getting an assessment on putting in a new (permanent) walkway.  The sand and breeze will be hard to clean up.

I took these photos this morning.  It was a little chilly. 🙂


Wanna See River Rocks?

I finally got the rock photos cropped and posted! Husband has only used about 25% of the rocks in the backyard and it’s almost completely covered. I wonder if we ordered too much.

Kylie is plugging her ears running down to where her dad was standing.  It was really loud.

See the rocks on the grass to the left?  We had to move that off because the sprinkler was under there.  It was serious labor.

Kylie wanted to help really bad so she grabbed for the cones and put them in their rightful places so that cars coming through won’t run into the rocks.

Lots of rocks!

Kylie also wanted to help move the rocks away from the sprinkler and the grass.

Her labor was not forced, I promise.