Free 2015 Journal Card and Cut File

PL2015JC0006_800I’m very happy to be done with writing out my resolutions.  Now I just need to buy a new 3-ring binder for my 2015 Project Life.  I looked at Micheal’s collection of binders a week ago and almost bought one for 40% off but decided to wait.  I’m going to go back and get that binder because I keep thinking about it.  This year I’m changing from solid color binders to something flowery and colorful.

For my first page of the year, I made this 3×4 journal card to write resolutions on.  I decided to share the file so that you can also write resolutions or do something creative with it.  The download comes with a PNG 3×4 journal card and a SVG cut file which will look like the image above minus the writing.  To download, click HERE, or the image below.


Repost Happy New Year!

Original date: 1.01.13

Hope you had a great new year’s eve.  I always tend to get tired out just before the ball drop but this year, I was overwhelmed with emotions.  I got a bit teary-eyed.  Maybe it’s because things are just moving by too quickly.  I can’t believe it’s really 2013.

So, what have you planned for resolutions this year?  Here is what I had my family do.  We wrote out our resolutions on 4×6 journal cards I made.  I will be putting these in my Project Life binder with photos we took yesterday.

If you’d like to use these journal cards to jot down your resolutions, you can download them below.


Have a wonderful new year!