Snow Day & Last Weekend Photos

This morning, the bushes were iced.  It’s always so strange how one day it’s nice and warm and the next day it’s like the middle of winter.

Last Weekend Photos

Mom washing scallions she picked from her garden for me.  I’m still not sure what to use them for.  Maybe I’ll mash them with some Thai peppers, tomatoes, and lime juice.

My brother modeling the mangosteen for me.  These things were expensive.  They tasted kind of slimy, sweet, and sour.  This was my first time trying a mangosteen.

Rambutan.  Loved them, but again, quite expensive here.  I’ve had these canned but much prefer them fresh.

Dragon fruit.

My dad holding these so I could take this shot.

It tasted like the kiwi fruit but a lot firmer and slightly crunchy…and maybe less sour.  This was the first time I’ve had this fruit too.

More peach blossoms with a twist.  I blended painted papers to create a textured painted look:

And last, Kylie posing for me.

Sun Flare On Peach Blossoms

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day with the temperature in the high 80’s.  I was over my parents’ house with the D90 and the 55-200mm lens to shoot some peach blossoms in their backyard.

They were gorgeous.

There were no blossoms last year so I was excited to see them this year especially because this means they will produce some juicy and sweet peaches in the fall!!