A Few Snaps From the CDBF

Over the weekend, the family went to the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival.  It has grown so much over the years.  I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since the Hmong dance group my sister and I created performed there.

The food was delicious.  They even had funnel cakes, cheese fries, and cotton candy.  We know where we’ll be going again next year.


OSOM & a Booty Shakin’ Performance at the Dragon Boat Festival

The Colorado Dragon Boat Festival was this past weekend.  The family went to see my sibling’s band, One Sun One Moon (OSOM), play and had wanted to stay longer to see the main stage performances but it was too hot for the girls.  I also had serious dehydration for a couple of weeks (with heart palpitations) and had to be careful since I’ve only gotten better within the last few days while taking prescription Potassium and tons of Gatorade (thank goodness for Costco) w/water.

OSOM had the stage for a full hour so it was great!  This year performances were separated to smaller stages all around the park with the main stage being the biggest for the dances.

Here is a clip of one of their songs called, SOLID.

We were only only able to watch one main stage performance, a booty-shakin’ dance, by the Pacific Pride and Island Hearts.

The food was delicious as usual.  These days I find myself forgetting to take photos of food.